New song release: ‘Citizens United’

‘Citizens United’: Written, performed, recorded & mixed mid-to-late 2022 by Marshall Heiser. (p) (c) 2022 M. S. Heiser. Photo (Capital Building, Washington DC) 14481141 © Jarnogz |


Drivin’ in my car
I’m cruisin down my street
There are placards
People voicing their opinions
So this is Liberty
Effervescing orifices chewing up the town
There are stairways unto heaven
Some climb up, but most slide down
Life is good when it’s trapped beneath my hood

Look to the right
Look to the left
Look to the right again
Wishful thinking
Won’t stop us sinking
Back to the soup my friend

Rockin up to work
About to start my shift
Does HR really need to hack our webcams?
They say it’s ‘policy’
God used to watch over us
Til Neitzsche killed him dead
Now it’s facial recognition reads
The bad thoughts in your head
Why so glum, just be glad you’re in the club.

Swipe to the left
Swipe to the right
Swipe to the left again
Jokes shall not feature her alopecia
If you want the gig my friend

See the angry mob
They’re ’bout to storm the hill
Here’s a little something should you get subpoenaed
And here’s your black capsule
Now, if you can’t admit defeat
Then repeat after me:
“God bless Fed Ex, Home Depot, GM, AT&T”.
You play nice, when your junk is in the vice.

Buy off the Right
Divide the Left
That is the dream my friend
Carvin’ up planets
Make like a bandit
Then pull the plug. The End.

(c) 2022 M. S. Heiser.