If you want flowers, think soil, manure, water, and sunlight: none of them look like flowers.


DURATION: 8:03. Don’t be put off by the cheesey video introduction or the word “mystic.” What you have here is simple wisdom about the process nature of life and the larger systems, the web of life, within which we humans operate. Nuff said.


If you enjoyed that refreshing insight and would like to hear more then check out the following session presented at Sanders Theatre, Harvard Medical School on May 14 this year. DURATION 1:27:57 Think of it as the movie-length version of the “trailer” above. What interests me here, as a play scholar, is Sadhguru’s discussion of the interdependence of intellect and identity as seen from the yogic perspective, and how the intellect serves to protect and support that identity (click here to view). One of the benefits of approaching tasks in a playful manner is that it can help loosen such fixed identity constructs and the free up the rigid thinking patterns that are associated with such fixed frames. Enjoy.