Pure Data: Reference Card

If you use the Pure Data (Pd) visual data-flow programming platform, or plan to, then this downloadable pdf will be essential. It outlines the correct names and functions of the Pd “objects.” Without this chart you’ll find yourself forever stalling, as you try to find that object you need and can remember by function, but not quite by name. To create an object using this chart, simply enter “edit” mode (command-click + E)* and command-click + 1 on the “patcher” window (not the Pd window), or select “object” from the “Put” menu. Type in the object’s name and you’re done. To find out more about what each object does simply control-click the object and select “help.” This very useful reference tool was kindly created/shared by Karim Barkati and may be freely distributed (see license details below).

CLICK HERE to download the Pure Data Reference Card.

*My apologies to all the PC users out there. Since Apple computers have become the standard for the audio industry I’ve adhered to this standard for the sake of simplicity (please use your PC equivalents).

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