New Old Music 3: Cloudland EP by The Young Adults (1990)

DURATION: 17 min., 26 sec. This is the third installment in a retrospective series of music I’ve made in the deep dark past.

Re-release liner notes by Dick Togs (Esq.): Listen and try to date this Aussie indie anti-classic. No it’s NOT 1978. It is in fact 1990, back in the days when Joh Bjelke-Petersen had not long been gone. A time when men were men and sheep were demur. Ah yes, the Young Adults, you either love or hated them. From the very first note, audiences would part like the Red Sea – half, thirstily for the bar or Red-Nose Day rehearsals in the loos, the rest to take turns crawling inside the PA speaker bins (where it’s loudest, of course), something akin to a sonic jacuzzi of sorts.

Take a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of “With The Beatles,” a sprinkle of “More songs about Buildings and Food” and”Go2,” some Pere Ubu, The Gordons, Thelonious Monk and Stravinsky’s “The Soldier’s Tale” shake vigorously et voila you get “Cloudland.” Recorded as a demo and later released as one of Australia’s earliest-ever indie CDs. Loved by JJJ’s Richard Kingsmill, loathed by so many more. Remember, this is BEFORE Nirvana broke. Enjoy (or not).

Personnel: Marshall Stak: Voice and guitar. Teresa Pilcher: Bass guitar. Chris Tone: Drums. Recorded at Broken Toys Studio, Brisbane June 1990. Engineered by Leroy Bath. Written, arranged and (un)produced by Marshall Stak. Released by Bumnote Records.

Direct links to each song:

0:00 The Young Adults Theme Song

3:18 Cloudland

6:36 Hand Me Downs

8:46 A Girl’s Best Friend

12:55 Three Foundations For an Inner-City High-Rise

13:37 Schism Schism